New technology, a Gas-Water-Heater Timer can save you money.

For years owners of electric water  heaters have been able to enjoy the  savings provided by a programmable timer  if you owned a gas water heater you were  out of luck until now introducing the  new smart device a programmable timer  for gas water heaters without our time  your gas water heater maintains the  temperature in your water heater tank 24  hours a day every day all year long  whether you’re at work asleep or on  vacation and you pay for it with the  smart device you can program your water  heater to heat your water for showers in  the morning shut off while you at work  and turn back on to have hot water ready  for you when you return home it’s fully  programmable to fit your family’s unique  schedule by doing this our water heater  timer could reduce your gas burner usage  by up to 45 minutes each day or about  27,000 BTUs of gas consumption it’s  possible to save up to thirty percent or  more of your monthly hot water energy costs.

If you have home automation of any  type the smart device will work with  that to just replace our timer with your  automated module to include your water  heater is part of your whole house  automation this is a great device for  second-home owners we’ve designed the  smart device for easy installation by  anyone it replaces the knob of the gas  valve on your water heater it’s designed  to fit most styles of gas valves  installation is done in three easy steps  step one remove the front knob from the  gas valve step to align the notch on the  gas control valve to match the notch on  the timer step 3 slide the timer on to  the control valve and secure it in place  with the universal mounting bracket now  set the timer  and plug it in it’s that simple the  smite device is made of thick I impact  plastic and is guaranteed for 20 years  and all of the smart devices electrical  components are ul listed if you are  tired of paying to heat water,’

When you don’t need it and you’re interested in lower utility bills every month and if  you want to reduce carbon emissions it’s  time you look at the smart device gas  water heater timer a small investment  will allow you to enjoy monthly savings  on your utilities and extend the life of  your water heater the money you save  will return your investment many times  over for more information or to order  visit us online at WWF or heater timer com.

7 Storage Ideas For Small Living Room

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How to keep things in your small living  room organized seven storage ideas to  avoid your small living room looks messy  number one a storage bench this type of  furniture is very useful which can not  only be used as place to sit on but also  it can help you reduce the clutter in  your living space without taking up any  extra space  number two sofa beds with storage some  self two beds offer built-in storage  space which you can access from beneath  or the back this way you won’t have to  buy additional furniture and your living  room will be less crowded too number  three couch with storage underneath  a couch with storage underneath is a  perfect example of furniture with space  saving potential it’s multifunctional  comfortable and on the top of everything  you don’t have to sacrifice style either  number four floating shelves  floating wall shelves are a good  alternative for storing and displaying a  variety of things such shelves in the  interior do not take up valuable floor  space and perfectly fit with any  existing decor in addition they combine  simplicity and functionality  number five side table and magazine rack.

When decorating your small space keeping  an eye out for stylish two-for-one  furniture is crucial a side table that  doubles as a magazine rack will provide  a useful surface and keep clutter at bay  number six stacking cube shelves  the stacked system provides a storage  solution with endless possibilities with  the use of small clips the modules can  be rearranged to create diversified  varieties of shelving setups room  dividers or side tables the design can  be easily changed by playing around with  the space between the modules  number seven coffee table with storage  underneath  a coffee table with storage space  underneath is the better choice because  you can put everything below your table  such as books gadgets shoes and more to  keep them well organized and neat  having proper storage space in the  living room is a must this is because  every living room needs a place to store  items to prevent itself from looking  messy if you have a small living room  and you dont have space for another  storage furniture it’s important to  search for pieces that can have multiple  uses so the room remains comfortable  thanks for watching please like this  video and make sure to click subscribe  button to receive simple living tips in  the next time.